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Marie-Helene Lamarre (MH), is a Tech Ambassador with a mission to solve global challenges. She has been working with entrepreneurs who find themselves, or their businesses, at a plateau and struggling to grow and expand.
Her proprietary systems teaches and encourages business owners to utilize innovative strategies to transform, grow and thrive. She incorporates her mission of being a transformation catalyst to aid and expedite entrepreneurs to use innovation to benefit not only their businesses, but their lives and our planet.
In addition to assisting business owners to grow, she also uses her coaching and consulting expertise to guide others when they’re looking to diversify or sell their businesses.
MH received her MBA in Bio-Industry from the University of Quebec, Montreal, and has certifications from MIT in Artificial Intelligence Implications in Business Strategy and from Concordia University in Global Commercialization. She enjoys good food, good conversation and great adventures!

Our Services

Deep Dive Growth

We all have goals we want to reach;, challenges we're striving to overcome, and times when we feel stuck. Our half-day Deep Dive can change your life! Partner with us in the morning and have clarity by lunch!

Scale-Up Buddy

Most entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to implementing an effective sales system, increasing sales, finding leads, and closing them. After years of teaching and coaching, we partner with you to help develop implementation methods that work!

Online Courses

Our Online Courses are designed to help you overcome challenges and teach you techniques to become a leader! Your team will also benefit from the myriad of marketing topics offered. And new courses are developed frequently!

Financing Options

Both investors and entrepreneurs know that quick and easy access to financing options means the difference between growth and stagnation. If you need financing, we have options to get you up and running!


We're always looking to invest, partner, and acquire companies. If you, or others you know, want to sell or buy a business, let us know. We share business opportunities only to our Newsletter members, never to anyone else.

Expert Speaker

I love the energy of the stage, and I bring that to YOUR audiences as well. Whether it's participation in panels, conferences or seminars, I can present a variety of subjects in an informative, entertaining, and enlightening manner!


Our Years of Experience Speak For Themselves.


Some people have great success their first year, then struggle after that. Not us! We keep learning and invest in ourselves to make sure we're market innovators. We have over 24 years industry experience in helping diverse business models weather economic challenges and come out stronger than ever!


Our clients and business partners believe in our global mission and are on-board to implement changes to the market for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants. We've been where they are, have dealt with the same challenges, and can deliver results. We're honored to be referred to their friends and family members over and over.


Our methods and coaching techniques are proven, time and again, and our clients experience steady growth year over year. We're not content to sit on our laurels, so we make sure to stay on the cutting edges of our industries to provide our clients with with the latest information and technologies. We keep improving for our benefit as well as each and every one of our clients!


We're in this together! We're a network of real business owners and entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting, encouraging and sharing the challenges and successes of our businesses. Access to our exclusive community is available 24/7 and help is as close as your phone or computer. It's your business, but we're right by your side on the journey!

Need a speaker?
Here are some of our most-requested topics:

  • The art of relationships meets the art of science
  • How to communicate effectively in our information-overload era
  • Using sales strategies to gain and retain customers
  • Keep calm and schedule some fun
  • Things you don’t learn in school
  • 10 reasons why NO is your new YES